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‘His name is Tony. Tony Montana’: Crime victim’s mate’s cheeky response to questions by a group of journalists goes viral with almost 1.Five million views

By Sarah Michael for Daily Mail Australia 04:59 BST sixteen Jan 2015, updated Ten:08 BST sixteen Jan two thousand fifteen

  • Interview with friend of a tradie who chased alleged car thief has gone viral
  • A 23-year-old Melbourne man woke up to the sound of two guys using a grinder to attempt to steal his 4WD and $30,000 worth of building equipment
  • He chased the alleged thief in another car before a brawl broke out
  • His friend’s cheeky TV interview has gone viral with 1.Five million views

The friend of a tradie who chased an alleged car thief down the street has gone viral after doing a hilariously evasive interview with TV journalists.

A 23-year-old tradesman from Preston in Melbourne woke up about 4am to the sound of two boys allegedly using a grinder to cut his 4WD and $30,000 worth of building equipment from a tree so they could steal it.

One man drove off in his car, so the builder chased him in his fucking partner’s RAV4 before both guys got out of their vehicles and a brawl broke out, Nine News reported.

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The tradesman could face a police summons, while the alleged thief was taken to hospital and placed under police guard with injuries to his lower gam.

Media waiting outside his home stopped the man’s friend to question him, but found he was less than willing to help.

When asked for the tradesman’s name, the man replied: ‘His name’s Tony‚Ķ Montana.’

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Another journalist remarked that Tony Montana was the name of Al Pacino’s character in Scarface.

‘Yeah you observed it? Good movie,’ he said, laughing.

Later in the interview a reported asked the man if he got his ‘gear’ back, in a reference to his contraptions.

‘His gear? Yeah he got his pipe back, got his bong,’ the friend replied cheekily before correcting himself.

‘Oh yes, yes his equipment – he sure did.’

A clip of the man’s interview, which was played on Channel Ten’s The Project, was posted to Facebook and described as ‘the best interview in Australia ever’.

It has received more than 1.Five million views in fourteen hours.

The 23-year-old was questioned at Preston Police Station for several hours before being released without charge but police warn he could still face a summons as the investigation is ongoing.

Senior Constable Christian Tomming condemned the man for pursuing the alleged thief.

‘I can understand his reasons and his motives but it’s a very risky decision and activity to attempt and go out into the darkness and confront unknown people,’ he said.

The 33-year-old alleged thief, from Reservoir, has yet to be interviewed by police.

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