Top five reconditioned cars in Bangladesh within BDT fifteen lakh

Top five reconditioned cars in Bangladesh within BDT fifteen lakh

Nowadays, car is not only for the luxurious life style in Bangladesh. Now car is a necessity. For the medium class people it is to hard to save the money for buying the fresh brand cars. Again it is so difficult to collect the enormous amount of many at a time. However, in fresh brand cars there are many facilities to drive. But it is unlikely to buy fresh brand car in Bangladesh for the meddle class people. But these people have a good scope to love with the car like a fresh brand car. Reconditioned cars in Bangladesh can make your desire as truth. Here reconditioned cars has a excellent popularity.

You can love about all of features of fresh brand cars in these type of reconditioned cars. There are more good featured and stylish reconditioned cars are available in Bangladesh. But we selected top five reconditioned cars in Bangladesh under BDT fifteen lakh. Now see the top five reconditioned cars in Bangladesh within BDT fifteen lakh bellow.

Five best reconditioned cars in Bangladesh under BDT fifteen lakh

1) Toyota Probox ( Price : 11,50,000 BDT)

Toyota is a very much popular car brand in the world. Toyota’s car also popular in Bangladesh. It is the most used reconditioned cars in Bangladesh. Toyota Probox is a best family car within fifteen lakh. If you want a car for using as a business and family vehicles, you should take this. It’s interior is so much convenient than it’s price. It has one thousand four hundred ninety six cc engine which is powered by petrol. It has also 2WD and 4WD. Toyota Probox is a best economy car. Because by one liter fuel, it can reach 14.08 kilometers. It’s parts can be available in the local market. So you may not face any problem about this issue. Toyota Probox loading capacity about four hundred kg.

Two) Mitsubishi Colt (Price 12,00,000 BDT )

Mitsubishi Colt is a superb fuel efficient car available in Bangladesh. By one liter fuel it can reach about twenty kilometers. It is very multi-purposes economy car. It has enough space in it’s interior. It’s interior is truly amazing and can impress anyone. In Mitsubishi Colt car, one thousand five hundred cc turbocharged engine has been used. This car can peek up one hundred km per hour speed within 7.Four seconds. It looks like as the Mitsubishi Lancer. So for business and family purposes you can take this Mitsubishi car.

Trio) Honda Airwave (Price: 13,20,000 BDT)

Honda Airwave is a family car which has five seats. It has one thousand five hundred cc i-VTEC engine that can create one hundred forty three Nm torque. This engine’s capability one hundred ten horsepower and can make high speed on the road. In Honda Airwave there are more space. Even you can put down the back seats to keep your luggage. It will help you to create enough space to keep more luggage. Honda Airwave is also an efficient car. Because, it can reach 12.Five – eighteen km per liter fuel. It has been used the environment friendly one thousand five hundred cc i-VTEC engine.

Four) Toyota Belta (Price: 13,40,000 BDT)

Toyota Belta is a another best low price reconditioned cars in Bangladesh. If you like a sedan, then you can buy Toyota Belta. Because, it will give you convenience from our noisy urban life. Specially Toyota Belta is the newer version of the old Toyota Corolla. In Toyota Corolla there was one thousand cc engine, but in Toyota Belta one thousand five hundred cc engine has been used. There are more interior space in Toyota Belta than Toyota Corolla two thousand two version. The exterior of Toyota Belta is more attractive. It is a good fuel efficient car. It can reach 16.67 km per liter fuel.

Five) Toyota Axio (Price : 15,50,000 BDT)

It is a another most popular reconditioned cars in Bangladesh. It is the 10th generation Toyota Corolla car. Now this is known as Toyota Axio. The engine used in 2012+ Toyota Corolla has been added in this car. Toyota Axio is available with both one thousand three hundred cc and one thousand five hundred cc engine. It is one of the fuel efficient economy reconditioned cars in Bangladesh. It can reach 17.8 km per liter fuel. Toyota Axio’s exterior design is awesome. Anyone can impress by it’s exterior.

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