Observe: Highway reopened after horror Gap smash, Warwick Daily News

See: Highway reopened after horror Gap smash

Paramedics work on a thirty three year-old man before he was flown to Brisbane. Source RACQ LifeFlight Chooper.

UPDATE: AFTER being closed to traffic for over eleven hours, the Cunningham Highway was eventually reopened at midnight.

The highway, just east of Cunningham’s Gap was closed after a horror collision, which witnessed a 33-year-old Brisbane trapped in his vehicle shortly after 1pm.

Hydraulic cutting equipment was needed to free the man from the wreckage of his car.

The cause of the accident is presently unknown; however it is understood that the sedan was travelling up the Cunningham Highway, approximately 2-3 kilometres on the Brisbane side of the pass, when the vehicle impacted with the large truck, which was travelling in the opposite direction.

UPDATE: The Cunningham Highway is still closed at Cunningham’s Gap and there is still no indication when it will be reopened.

A Police media spokesman said he will find out more at 7pm.

The highway was closed around 1.30pm today when a semi trailer collided with a car, 2kms on the eastern side of the gap.

A 33-year-old man was airlifted to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane suffering from a cracked gam and sever facial injuries.

UPDATE: A thirty three year-old man involved in a collision with a semi trailer on Cunningham’s Gap earlier this afternoon has been airlifted by LifeFlight helicopter to Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane.

The man is in a stable condition but has severe facial injuries and a fractured gam.

Truck collides with car on Cunningham’s Gap.

The crash happened just before 1.30pm and has left the Cunningham Highway blocked in both directions.

The highway will blocked for some time, albeit it’s not clear how long at this stage.

It’s been reported that one of the very first one the scene was an off-duty nurse who instantly began offerinng assistance to the injured man.

The driver of the truck was not injured.

UPDATE: A LifeFlight helicopter is on its way to a serious accident at Cunningham’s Gap.

The masculine driver of the car is reported to have serious facial injuries, a fractured gam and possible head injuries.

The driver is being eliminated from the vehicle by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and will be taken by road to the helipad.

The collision, inbetween a truck and a car, took place just on the eastern side og Cunningham’s Gap just after 1pm.

The road has now been blocked for three kilometres in each direction around the crash site.

Reports say an off-duty nurse stopped at the scene to provide assistance to the driver of the vehicle.

EARLIER: AN OFF-duty nurse has provided very first aid at a traffic crash this afternoon.

Traffic on the Cunningham Highway has now been stopped in both directions due to the crash.

The collision, inbetween a truck and a car took place 5kms on the Warwick side of the helipad, just on the eastern side of Cunningham’s Gap at about 1pm.

Reports inform that the driver of the car is earnestly injured.

A Yangan police officer also came across the scene and called for emergency assistance.

Early reports indicated a person in the car was trapped and was receiving assistance from the off-duty nurse who was passing the scene and stopped to help.

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