The Auto Industry in Michigan, Detroit Regional Chamber

The Auto Industry in Michigan

Michigan’s Automotive Industry is Alive and Well

Not only is the Detroit region the birthplace of the automotive industry, it presently produces more cars and trucks than any other state in the country. In 2014, more than Two.Trio million cars and trucks spinned off Michigan assembly lines – over 1.Five million at assembly plants located in the Detroit region. The state is home to thirteen original equipment manufacturer (OEM) assembly plants and thirty five OEM component plants. Including suppliers, there are over 1,700 automotive-related manufacturing establishments in Michigan.

Intelligent Mobility: Leading Connected Vehicle Technology

Michigan is uniquely placed to lead the world in the development and integration of automotive technology that will define 21st century intelligent mobility. Learn more.

Talent and R&D: Engineering a Workforce

Michigan remains the preeminent place for auto-related research and development, where key industry players from around the world have facilities to remain at the forefront of innovation. Learn more.

Business Climate: Emerging as a National Leader

Michigan resumes to streamline regulations and improve its business and tax climate as it emerges as the Comeback state. Learn more.

Global Investment and Commerce: The Crossroads of North American Economic Activity

From Michigan’s supplier network or the logistical infrastructure to moving freight anywhere in the world, the assets in the Motor State make it a magnet for automotive investment. Learn more.

Advanced Manufacturing Expertise: Michigan’s Unrivaled Production

In addition to top tier engineering talent, Michigan employs a very skilled manufacturing labor force at nationally competitive wages. Learn more.

Top ten Reasons Why Michigan is Auto

  • Since 2010, Michigan announced more than $23 billion in fresh automotive OEM and supplier investments, more than any other state or province in North America.
  • In 2014, Michigan’s motor vehicle-related GDP was $36.9 billion while Indiana, Ohio and Texas’ combined motor vehicle-related GDP equaled $38.9 billion.
  • The state is home to sixty of North America’s top one hundred automotive suppliers.
  • 12 assembly plants manufacture twenty eight cars and trucks in Michigan, producing more vehicles than any other state — more than twenty percent of all U.S. production
  • More than 46,000 automotive manufacturing jobs have been added since 2009, more than any other state.
  • Michigan is home to three hundred seventy five automotive R&D centers, one hundred twenty of which are foreign-owned.
  • The state has fifteen universities and colleges with nationally ranked undergraduate engineering programs; and more than six hundred fifty automotive-focused programs at the post-secondary level.
  • Over 90,000 engineers are employed in Michigan, a higher concentration than any other state.
  • Michigan is No. One in patents granted for vehicle, navigation and relative location data processing.
  • Michigan is one of seven states that have passed laws related to autonomous vehicles, while also leading the nation in connected vehicle projects (49) in 2015.

While Michigan’s automotive industry is roaring back, there is no time to take it for granted. As one of the most dynamic and advanced – the automotive industry is also one of its most sought after.

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At the two thousand sixteen North American International Auto Demonstrate, CCTV America spoke with MICHauto’s Glenn Stevens about the demonstrate and the state of the auto industry in Michigan:

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