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Why Gatebil?

Why Gatebil? Next Chapter > I can honestly only shrug my shoulders when someone asks me the question, ‘why Gatebil?’. It was the same weekend as arguably the greatest race in the world, but instead of going south to witness the pinnacle of modern motorsport (I believe the LMP cars are more relevant than F1), I travelled in the opposite ...

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V6 Kia Stinger will have power and luxury, Sunshine Coast Daily

V6 Kia Stinger will have power and luxury The two thousand seventeen Kia Stinger at the Geneva Motor Showcase. FAR from a bog-basement entry-level car, Kia will throw amazing kit into its fresh Stinger fastback sedan set to be released in October. The $48,990 base model S will get the same Three.3-litre bi-turbo V6 as the upper spec variants, with ...

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Uber aims to get flying cars off the ground by 2020

Uber fucking partners with Dallas and Dubai to usher in flying cars Reeling in scandals and facing a lawsuit from Google, the ride-hailing company puts a concentrate on what it calls vertical takeoff and landing, or VTOL. Uber says it wants to “rapid forward to the future.” Leave behind self-driving cars, what about flying cars?

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