The Latest: Europe weather: Greece contains island wildfire

The Latest: Europe weather: Greece contains island wildfire

The Latest on Europe’s weather (all times local):

Greek authorities say they have contained a large wildfire that blazed through the southern island of Kythira for more than three days, devastating the landscape but causing no injuries or harm to homes.

The fire service says about two hundred firefighters remained on the island Monday, on alert for winds rekindling the blaze.

The fire, which broke out Friday, has ruined about Two,000 hectares (Five,000 acres) of forest and scrub so far.

At least another three wildfires were searing Monday, in southern Greece and the western island of Zakynthos.

The fire service has had to cope with dozens of wildfires in latest days, amid strong winds and high summer temperatures.

Romanian authorities have issued a flood warning for parts of western Romania after intense rain following a weeklong warmth wave.

The National Hydrology Institute issued a “yellow warning” for the Mures Sea in western Romania that will last until Monday evening. A statement said the powerful rainfall could produce torrents and flooding along the sea.

Elsewhere, meteorologists forecast storms and strong rain in west, northern and central Romania expected to last until Tuesday morning. Temperatures will remain high, reaching a maximum of thirty six C (93.Two F).

Highway authorities reported rock falls and landslides along Romania’s highest road, the Transalpina following strong rain. The road was partially blocked at its highest point of over Two,100 meters (6,900 feet).

Portugal’s airport management company says the summer travel plans of almost 15,000 passengers have been disrupted by strong winds that compelled the cancellation of one hundred one flights to and from the Madeira Islands over the weekend through Monday.

ANA-Aeroportos de Portugal says seventy flights were cancelled on Sunday, however winds eased Monday and eleven flights managed to take off or arrive at the popular vacation destination off northwest Africa.

Officials say around three hundred people had to spend the night at Madeira’s airport over the weekend, with hotels providing rooms for hundreds more.

Winds gusting up to eighty kph (50 mph) battered the island over the weekend. Some flights diverted to nearby Porto Santo island and travelled to Madeira by ferry.

Madeira and its airport are particularly exposed to bad weather in the Atlantic.

A wildfire has cracked out near the Adriatic coast in central Croatia, halting traffic on a key road.

The fire erupted around noon Monday (1000GMT) in the coastal Makarska area, devouring pine trees and low shrubbery.

Authorities have halted traffic on the main road along the coast, sending travelers to smaller routes. They say a firefighting plane has been engaged to help put out the blaze.

Dozens of wildfires have erupted in Croatia and elsewhere in Europe amid an utterly hot and dry summer.

Officials in Romania have retrieved the bods of two teenage boys who drowned after bathing in a sea to cool off during a fever wave.

Emergency officials in the northeast county of Neamt said they pulled out the figures of a 15-year-old on Sunday and a 16-year-old on Monday morning. They had been swimming in the Siret sea.

Emergency services spokesman Adrian Rotaru says that “these teenagers went into the sea to cool off due to the warmth wave. we do not recommend bathing in unsupervised areas.”

Romania has been in the grips of a fever wave for the past week with temperatures reaching forty two C (107.6 F) in latest days. Officials say at least two people died last week.

A strong storm with strong winds and rain has hit the Balkans as the weather switched following a week of record high temperatures in the region and elsewhere in Europe.

Temperatures dropped Monday by fifteen degrees in some areas, bringing ease after reaching more than forty degrees Celsius (104F) last week.

In Croatia’s Istria peninsula, stormy winds late on Sunday uprooted trees and bruised roofs. Improvised traffic confinements were imposed in some areas along the Adriatic coast late on Sunday and early on Monday.

In neighboring Serbia, unexpected strong rains hit a mountainous region in the west of the country late Monday before spreading to other parts of the country.

Meteorologists say the fever wave will come back later in the week.

“> Two studs leap in a lake in Silistea Snagovului, Romania, Sunday, Aug. 6, 2017. A heatwave with extreme temperatures of up to forty two Celsius

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