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For some people, car shopping can be staggering. You have to go to this site to find savings and incentives, then that site for buying and leasing guides, and even another site for a payment calculator. But Edmunds is your trusted advisor – we have everything you need to find your flawless fresh or used car in one place. No matter where you are in the car shopping process, we can help. Need detailed side-by-side comparisons of car features and specs? Detailed experienced and user reviews of the latest makes and models? Informed buying and leasing guides? Connections to thousands of dealers in your area with available fresh and used cars? We've got it all. And after you find your ideal car, we can help you lock in upfront pricing and get special extras. So no matter where you are, we can provide you with a ordinary, effortless and efficient car shopping practice.

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With Edmunds at your side, car shopping is effortless and pleasant. Whether you're looking at fresh cars or used cars, we can help you find sensational deals, capitalize on incentives and connect with local dealers. As your trusted advisor, we draw on decades of automotive practice to leverage our network of over 13,000 dealers to help save you thousands of dollars. Edmunds has devices for every stage of the car shopping process: buying and leasing guides, pro editorial and shopper reviews, payment calculators, price drop alerts, inwards deals and more. Lock in your savings today, with upfront deals on available fresh and used cars in your area.

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At Edmunds, we want to provide you with an titillating, pleasurable car shopping process. But we know that no two people shop for a fresh or used car in the same way. That's why we provide support and guidance across every stage of the car shopping process, providing you accomplished advice and unbiased reviews that you can trust. We want you to shop and buy with confidence, whether you're reading pro and driver reviews, comparing features and specs, or figuring out a lease with our payment calculator. Not sure where to get embarked? Get car shopping advice and tips from one of our dedicated experts – they're available to provide live support and response your questions via phone, email and text. Now let's find your ideal car.

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